Tournament Schedule 2023

Here is the list of Tournaments scheduled at the Harlan Golf & Country Club.  The list is subject to change, so check back as often as you like.


Our Address

2503 12th Street
Harlan Iowa 51537


June 13th

IWCC Tournament, 12:30 PM - FLYER

June 23rd

HGCC Beef Tournament, Open Registration - FLYER

June 24th

3-Person Calcutta, 12:00 NOON, Club Members Only.  FLYER

July 8th

HGCC Guy & Gal Tournament, Open Registration - FLYER

July 9th

HGCC Husband/Wife Tournament, Open Registration - FLYER

July 13th

Ladies Invitational, 2-gal 18-hole Scramble, Open Registration - FLYER

July 22nd

Pheasants Forever Golf Tournament - FLYER

July 23rd

HGCC Men's Tournament, 10:00AM-5:00PM Club Members Only

July 29th

Harlan Fire & Rescue Tournament Fundraiser - FLYER

August 3rd

Ladies Ryder Cup

August 7th

Harlan Schriners Tournament, Time TBD

August 13th

Harlan CyclonesHCS Athletic Booster Club Tournament, Open Registration - FLYER

August 15th

Shelby County Community Outreach (SCCO), Open Registration
Information Flyer  - Registration Form

August 19-20th

HGCC Member/Guest Tournament - FLYER

September 17th

Concerned Golf Tournament

September 24th

HGCC Open Ryder Cub Club Tournament

May 1st

Midwest Senior Men's Tournament

May 19th

Shelby County Chamber of Commerce

May 20th

HGCC Spring Kickoff Club Tournament - FLYER